Announcement Regarding This Website

Many of you are not utilizing our student information system, Infinite Campus.  This is a critical part of your high school experience.  To help you see your grades and manage that, I am moving all day to day assignments to IC.  This means you will be able to use the calendar feature and see what graded assignment you missed.  Of course you can always see me for anything, but this website will no longer be day-to-day.

I will keep using “Freudian Slips” to showcase and highlight important projects or platforms to spring off of for assignments if we are in the library.  Thank you for understanding.


Here are the terms for your FREE RESPONSE you must know:

  1. Broca’s Area
  2. Use of Phonemes
  3. Modeling
  4. Chunking
  5. Encoding Failure
  6. Age and language aquisition
  7. Self-Efficacy
  8. Confirmation BIas
  9. Random Assignment
  10. Statistical Significance
  11. Foveal Vision
  12. Feature Detectors (Vision)
  13. Gestalt principle of closure.

“B” Day Assignments

AP Psychology

We watched this video from PBS -

Watch the video and get the worksheet from Mr. Frisa to answer questions.  Good luck!

“H” Day Assigments

AP Psychology

You are going to take an online assessment to find your “Mulitple Intelligence!”  Click on this link:

When you finish if you want check out this free IQ test!

Then, you will watch and view the episode on Discovering Psychology:  Updated Edition.  Please complete the worksheet while viewing.  The link is on the worksheet.


“A” Day Assignments

Welcome Back!


We collected your Take Home Tests and your concept maps for Learning.  Great job turning those in.  We began by introducing ET 6-1 on Thinking (Cognition).  If you are absent from class please read the appropriate pages or complete your notes from someone else.  Thanks!

Pavlov Psychology – We are working on our final project.  All due dates are in the document below:

Psychology Final Project 2015